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OK we Now have 2 new Products out. We have the Caribbean Rum Hot Sauce and we have the Insain HOt Sauce SALSA with Mediun Heat. Please come to the Web Site and check out these 2 Great Products.


New Sauce to be Released in July ! Insain Hot Sauce Gourmet Caribbean Rum Hot Sauce. Please Keep Checking back for More Details.

New Review up for Flaming Shull Hot Sauce by Ted Barrus The Fire Breathing IDIOT !


Insain Hot Sauce has a new sauce out on the market. Flaming Skull Hot Sauce. Has all the Heat you want and Starts out with great flavor. Check it out at

Satan's Spit 2 is now here at 9 + million SHU.  We are still waiting on the labels but it is up for Purchase.