Welcome to Insain Hot Sauce ! Please click on the yellow drop down bar in the top right of the home page to find our products. Here at Insain Hot Sauce you will find Sauces made in North Carolina by Insain Hot Sauce . We now offer 16 different sauces and the Carolina Reaper Cherry Bomb lollipops and the Original 1st on the market the Reapers Nuts North Carolina dry roasted peanuts coated with Reaper powder. Insain Hot Sauces are made in North Carolina by Insain Hot Sauce of Knightdale, North Carolina. Please feel free to browes the site and take as long as you like. We offer many different products from sauces to candy to spicy nuts and the line of Insain Hot Sauce Products you will find from mild to extreme heat sauces made with the Carolina Reaper ( worlds Hottest  Pepper ). Be sure to check out the Insain Hot Sauce Cherry Bomb Lollipops they are cherry flavor and come in  ( Reaper ) heat .

Create your own 3 pack !

Choose from:  Mango Habanero,Gourmet Chipotle, Caribbean Rum, Ghost Pepper, Coconut Ghost Pepper, Banana Rum, Creeping Death .  Pick any 3 sauces and build your on 3 Pack


Check out the Insain Hot Sauce line of products. We carry 17 different products. We have mild to extremely hot from the chipotle pepper, Ghost Pepper, Moruga Scorpion Pepper and aged Habanero Peppers. We have the Insain Gourmet Sauce,  Naga Jolokia Pepper (Ghost) Sauce, Insain Moruga Scorpion Sauce and the Extremely HOT Reaper Sauce. Ghost Blood, Satan's Spit, Reaper's Nuts and Moonshine BBQ and Triple Berry BBQ sauces .

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Sauce's So good they Will Drive You INSAIN ! 

Here you will find many Sauces from Mild to Extremely Hot. We offer the lowest Price on the internet and will  beat any advertised price on the Internet for the lowest price. 

If you have any Questions Please Contact us atwww.insainhotsauce@yahoo.com

If you would like any sauce shipped out side of the USA.(48) States. Please contact us before placing your order. Customer Service is #1 here at Insain Hot Sauce.  We are a home based business and the address it to our home. We sale from our home and have many customers that come by and purchase from us.. We set up at Festivals and flea markets


Disclaimer: By purchasing from Insain Hot Sauce I hereby disclaim, release and relinquish any and all claims and actions and/or LAWSUITS that I or any of my dependents, family members may have relating to any damage and/or injury that results, or is alleged to have resulted from the use, consumption, ingestion and/or contact of any bodily parts or organ. I will not hold Insain Hot Sauce, The Hot Sauce Zone or any of their employes responsible for any damages that may occur. I am fully able to make a sound decision on making a purchase from Insain Hot Sauce.


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